[rescue] $35 50gig drives

erie patsellis erie at shelbyvilledesign.com
Fri May 6 16:56:23 CDT 2005

I'm that way about vehicles, I'd rather have $1k in planned, preventive 
repairs or service, than pay $1k for somebody else's problems that they 
somehow forgot....Hence my driving a 1987 Astro van, a 1989 Audi 200TQ 
and a 1987 4000Q....


Nate wrote:

> On Fri, 6 May 2005, Joost van de Griek wrote:
>> I guess what it does is teach us to not laugh so hard at yesterday's 
>> tech,
>> because our cutting-edge gear of today will be laughed at just as hard.
> This has had another effect on me - it's become very hard for me to 
> get excited about things that are new just because they are new - I 
> already start to see them as simply an aspect of this time we're in 
> right now, and think ahead to when we (or others) will look back on 
> them.  It's also made me appreciate good design that much more, and to 
> look for those aspects which are eternally good throughout time rather 
> than what is impressive now in the moment.  It's almost like a 
> lifetime of following technology has readily exposed the underlying 
> zen of reality.
> - Nate
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