[rescue] Storage technology

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri May 6 12:13:06 CDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-05-06 at 02:22, Arno Kletzander wrote:

> About torque and noise, there is some more heavy machinery here that I'd
> like to mention: my Honeywell-Bull D510s (10 MB MFM, two of them,
> full-height 5 1/4") and a 70 MB full-height ESDI drive that I got with my
> PS/2 286. When it's run up to speed, it loads the heads and there is a faint
> "ping  -  ping - ping-pingping" to be heard as if they were bouncing off the
> surface a few times. I'm quite sure that's not what's happening (the drive
> is healthy and tests OK) but just that sound is amazing.

Reminds me of a 5.25" FH SCSI disk (1Gig I think) made by HP... the
drive would spin up, and then 'ding'.  The ding noise sounded like it
had a little speaker and was saying 'I'm ready now'.   But there
obviously wasn't a speaker on the hd....  I still don't know what
made that ping... it was fairly loud... it definately was a
conversation point... think I still have it somewhere too...

Also... one of my XT-1140MFM drives that I had in my second PC...
it used to make an annoying whine when the heads would rest in
the 'outer half' of the disk.... such that I finally wrote a
small assembly program compiled to a COM file that would call the
BIOS to move the heads to track 0....  I called it q1140.com...
when it irritated me... I'd type q1140... and all would be quiet...

-- Curt

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