[rescue] $35 50gig drives

Nate nate at portents.com
Fri May 6 08:59:35 CDT 2005

On Fri, 6 May 2005, Joost van de Griek wrote:

> I guess what it does is teach us to not laugh so hard at yesterday's tech,
> because our cutting-edge gear of today will be laughed at just as hard.

This has had another effect on me - it's become very hard for me to get 
excited about things that are new just because they are new - I already 
start to see them as simply an aspect of this time we're in right now, and 
think ahead to when we (or others) will look back on them.  It's also made 
me appreciate good design that much more, and to look for those aspects 
which are eternally good throughout time rather than what is impressive 
now in the moment.  It's almost like a lifetime of following technology 
has readily exposed the underlying zen of reality.

- Nate

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