[rescue] WTB: Ultra 60/80

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Thu May 5 20:30:22 CDT 2005

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Subject: [rescue] WTB: Ultra 60/80

>I am looking to buy or trade for a near maxed out Ultra 60.  (Dual
> 450s, 1-2gb of RAM)

That is quite a specific request, and a combination that will cost some real 
money (relatively speaking) - I'd estimate that a max'ed out Ultra 60 would 
run you:

Base, CD, framebuffer, minimal HD    $100
Two 450 Mhz, 4MB CPUs    $400
16 128 Meg DIMMs    $100-150

Do you really have a $600-700 need for a true "Max'ed out" U60?

> Or if someone has an Ultra 80, I may be interested in that.

That's awfully big of you ;^)

I'd suggest a CycleQuad, available off eBay for about$75 after S/H, then get 
a couple Ultra 2 systems (with CPUs and RAM atleast), and combine the parts 
to make a fast system (4x300 MHz, 2 MB cache is a nice machine, of course, 
PCI graphics will either be low-end, or expensive)

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