[rescue] Be and NeXT kit

Michael Doyle gmike at cstone.net
Thu May 5 10:11:41 CDT 2005

NeXT "slabs" (e.g., a pizza box chassis), color and mono, are relatively
plentiful and cheap on ePay. Shipping on the monitor for a mono slab or
cube (which is absolutely  reqd. for these models) is, of course, not
that cheap, but the ColorStations (and Cubes with a NextDimension card)
have a regular 13W3 connector with sync-on-green (same as SGI machines)
output of 1120x832 at 72Hz (68Hz for NextDimension).
I do have fun with my Cubes and Turbo Colorstation (33MHz 68040!), but
my quickest machine running NextStep is a Sun SPARCstation 20 with a
75MHz SuperSPARC-II. This is also a cheap way to get 24-bit color (with
the VSIMM to enable the internal SX graphics), as is a SS5 with an S24
graphics board. The NextDimension board generates 24-bit color while
the ColorStations only have 8-bit (and 4 bits of transparency)...
Anyways, NextStep has a gorgeous GUI, and reputedly the finest
development environment ever. And there are 2 ftp sites with a large
amount of freeware for NextStep.


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