[rescue] from my garage to yours...

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Thu May 5 10:12:05 CDT 2005

Well, it's Spring and that means it's time to clear out the garage.
I have the following free for anyone in the in Denver/Boulder CO
area who can take it off my hands (or who will pony up for shipping).

qty	what
1	DECstation 5000/240
6	DECstation 5000/200
4	DECstation 5000/120
3	DECstation 5000/125
1	HP 9000/715t 50Mhz (no memory)
1	HP 9000/715 33Mhz (no memory)
2	HP 9000/710 or 720 (no memory)

And as many HPIL and DEC keyboards as anyone could possibly want...

The DECstations have various configurations.  If anyone is interested
in them I will check them out.  I'm not sure whether the two HPs
are 710s or 720s but again, if there is interest I can find out.
The 715t/50 is one of the upgraded types (from a 4xxt) which is
somewhat uncommon.  I can probably scrounge up some memory for the
HPs if anyone actually wants them.

I also have tons of Solbourne Kbus boards if anyone has a use
for them.

If there is no interest most of this stuff will get recycled this
weekend as there is a free computer recycling program on campus
that I can't pass up...

 - todd

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