[rescue] $35 50gig drives

Jeffrey Nonken jjn_rescue at nonken.net
Thu May 5 09:22:09 CDT 2005

At 03:49 PM 5/4/2005, you wrote:
>I keep sitting here, watching the goings on, chiming in once in awhile, and
>it just smacked me in the face again, the strides we have taken in the
>hardware world since I started mucking about in this stuff (since the IMSAI
>and Altair 8800 days, burn marks on my mom's table from soldering together
>processer and I/O boards for an S100 bus).  We keep going and coming back
>around to storage.  Windable /dev/null indeed!

I have an IMSAI in the basement. It will be going with me when I move.

>Then came floppy disks, mini-floppies to be exact, the 5.25 inchers.  WOW,
>couple hundred K on each, if you either paid a few (hundred, early on)
>bucks extra for the double-sided drives, or got a hole-punch and notched
>the disks, then flipped them over and used the back side....

The 8" drives came first, and my company used those for years. (Actually, I 
have several of those in the basement as well, though none of the really 
old drives left. Except as parts, I kept a few stepper motors.)

>Anybody else still have an ST225, Seagate 20-meg meat grinder laying around?
>All those cables, one flex too many and no data, and the sheer TORQUE of
>the spindle motor kicking off while holding it in your hand!  MFM ruled.

No, but I have an ST-238 (the RLL-certified version) and a controller or 
two, and I hung onto my ST-412 until 'way past its toss-by date.

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