[rescue] New subject NeXT or Be kit.

Atom rescue at port11.net
Thu May 5 08:47:35 CDT 2005

Wes Will wrote:

>I think I have found another wanna-be rescuer, of all things a professor of
>philosophy in the Chicago area.
>He poked me with a stick and asked if I knew anyone who might have access
>to anything that would actually run NeXTSTEP or BeOS.  I said I might....
>So, anyone got some NeXT or Be Boxen to spare?  I can put you in touch with
>the guy, name of Jeff, and you can work out the details.  I also gave him
>the list subscribe info, he might pop in hemself, who knows?
BeOS run's on intel hardware too. NeXTSTEP too right?

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