[rescue] best NIC for Solaris/x86?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Thu May 5 02:36:57 CDT 2005

Sean Batt declared on Wednesday 04 May 2005 08:52 pm:
> The Broadcom gigabit chip in the Dell GX280 doesn't work with
> Sol 10 x86 and the driver available from Broadcom's site works
> for a few minutes before Solaris generates a wordy kernel error
> message about dma being used incorrectly by the driver, "report
> this to your vendor."
> Solaris 10 for me has been one failure after another;  so bad I
> just can't quite believe its happening and had to go out and buy
> an HP C3600 with an FX5pro to remind myself how hard it is to get
> some gear up and running at all.

If you think that's 'difficult', you've obviously never tried to set up 
an S/390 (or similar) by yourself.   Determining what the machine thinks 
is faulty, and is lighting the LED about can be one of life's most 
difficult endeavors, especially if it's your first IBM mainframe 
product, and you don't have anyone who knows the hardware (eg an IBM 
tech) to help you with it.


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