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Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Wed May 4 10:58:47 CDT 2005

Tue, 03 May 2005 @ 16:05 -0400, Jeffrey Nonken said:

> At 01:23 PM 5/3/2005, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> >I think one problem with this thread is no one is differentiating
> >between power drawn from the outlet versus power supplied to the system
> >by the power supply
> Yes, but I also figured that we were talking about total heat output from 
> the computer. 

So did I.  I'm not sure what your point is.

Some people claim that it isn't possible for the same load to generate
different amoungs of heat.

Wether that's true or not depends on what you mean by load.

A lot of people seem to be arguing with different assumptions in mind.

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