[rescue] Problems with Sun Tape Drives

Barry Keeney barryk at chaoscon.com
Tue May 3 10:24:54 CDT 2005

On Tue, 3 May 2005, Zach Lowry wrote:

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> I have 2 Sun tapes that I'm afraid have just bit the dust. I'd like any
> tips that you could provide. I'm using both of them with a NetBSD/sparc
> machine. The first one comes up just fine:
> Is there anything that can be done to fix these things? Cleaning tapes, etc?

  Well cleaning would be a good idea....

  Are both tape drive on the same scsi bus? did they start having
problems about the same time? Sense errors can be problems with
cables, terminators or the drive itself. 

  Take one drive off the scsi bus and see if it works alone, if it
doesn't swap drives does the other one work by itself? change
the terminator, do you still get errors...

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