PHP - bodge - scale (was Re: [rescue] decisions, decisions)

Peter Corlett abuse at
Tue May 3 04:47:46 CDT 2005

Brian Dunbar <brian.dunbar at> wrote:
> Isn't the general idea that "PHP" would get the website going and
> when / if the site grows you can move it over to 'something' else?

More than one large website has been "prototyped" in Perl with a view
to reimplementing in C++ for performance, only to stay with Perl.

IMAO, if you're going to pick a quirky arcane scripting language to do
this with, I'd rather start off with Perl than PHP as it scales a bit
better and is a proper programming language.

(I can't really comment about Python since I haven't used it enough in
anger to make informed comment, but initial tests are less than
encouraging. It's even less typo-proof than Perl, for a start.)

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