[rescue] Prices... Amazing

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Mon May 2 19:32:04 CDT 2005

Jeffrey Nonken wrote:
> It certainly has to leave as *something*. Hmm. How about noise? I have
> to wonder -- and note that I'm not much on physics, just pulling stuff
> out of my hat here -- how much energy goes into the fan(s) moving the
> air around? Does that ultimately turn into heat from the air friction?

There's probably comparatively little energy actually going into sound,
considering that typical cheap-ass PC speakers putting out 3 or 4 watts
per channel will comfortably drown out all but the noisiest fans.  And
yeah, the air movement from those fans probably becomes waste heat in
fairly short order, and does so mostly outside the case, but I doubt
there's a lot of it.  I would expect it's negligible compared to the
heat carried out of the case *by* that heated air.

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