[rescue] Prices... Amazing

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sun May 1 16:01:52 CDT 2005

On Sun, 1 May 2005, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:

> Yeah, but it is frustrating because I can't find similar deals on SCSI
> hard drives.
> I want to make a cheap fileserver, preferrably Sun stuff, but can't find
> enough drives that I can afford.

AXi motherboard, big Antec case, cheap SCSI boot drive, Linux or BSD,
supported SATA controller, tons o' cheap disk.  If you want Solaris, I'd
presume that there are some Macintosh SATA cards that will show up as
either IDE or SCSI under Solaris.  For -just- a fileserver, an AXi is
plenty strong.

Or pick up that BA370 on eBay for $400, pack it full of 4GB StorageWorks
cans, and gradually swap the 4GB drives for those cheap half-height 50GB
Seagates that show up every so often.  That's my current plan.  I have
the BA370, the cans, the FC switch, and (soon) the SOCAL+ I/O cards for
my E4000.  A fellow lister just offered me a disk-tray to hold the boot
drives for the E4000.  As soon as I can afford to buy $35 50GB drives
like a madman, I'll have 1.2TB of storage.

Plus the geek points of running a SAN at home. :)

Then I get to hope that I stumble across an affordable DLT silo (or get
$ork's when they get rid of it).

> Still, I am actively scanning for some nice machines, and hopefully the
> drive situation will resolve itself before long.

Once I get my SAN running, I'll probably have an E3000 I don't need
anymore.  That bastard puts out a singularly amazing amount of heat,
unlike (surprisingly) the E4000.  I'll blame it on the E3000's weird
airflow versus the E4000's not-NEBS-but-at-least-not-wholly-wacked-out

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