[rescue] Closet Cleanout

Brooke Gravitt gravitt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 13:28:33 CST 2005

Fellow geeks, 
   I'm really trying to clean out the office for real this time.
Launching a business in May and could use the space at home as well a
few extra $$.

I'd really like to clear out everything possible, and what's left goes
to the dump.

Terms: I'll take your offers + shipping to your locale. I'd really
rather make 5-10 bucks and have someone end up with something than
throw it all out. Just pay shipping and whatever you feel the stuff's
worth. no reasonable offers refused. shopping from 30096. I'll provide
the packing peanuts, boxes, etc. You pay shipping.

Here's what's laying about:

(2) Sun Unipack 611 cases, no drive. 
(1) Sun Flexipack 611 CD-Rom drive
(1) Apple CD300i External CD-Rom drive (will boot a NeXT, most HPs, and Suns)
(2) SGI Indy workstations. One with 32MB RAM, IRIX 5.?? and HD, one bare. 
(1) HP PA-RISC 712, can't remember Ram/hd, 16MB/2GB? running HP-UX 9.??
(1) HP PA-RISC C180, 256MB, 4GB, 11.11i
(1) Sun Ultra 10. no ram. has CD-ROM & 4.2 GB HD. 
(2) FC-AL cables. used on a SPARCArray.
(1) PowerBook 1400CS, 16MB, 2GB, CD-ROM, OS8.6
(1) IBM ThinkPad 1440c. 256MB, 10GB, CD-ROM, Linspire 4.5
(1) Sun FC Hub. No GBICs. 
(1) gigantic tangle of scsi cables. 


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