[rescue] Origin 2000 Node board upgrade Q's

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Sun Mar 27 15:03:32 CST 2005


I've got an Origin 2000 that currently has 7 IP27 2x195Mhz node boards and
one IP31 2x250Mhz node board.

I might have a line on some 2x300Mhz or 2x400Mhz node boards. What I am
unclear about is whether these are "plug and play" replacements or if there
are any issues with bus clock speed, etc.

My source believes that these different node boards will need something
different done to the module backplane or a different XIO console/serial
board to work.

My research doesn't indicate this to be true, but likewise it doesn't state
it to not be true.

So- what's the deal? <grin>. In all cases, it seems that the memory I have
should move across. Is this also the case?

TIA for any advice or pointers,


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