[rescue] Enterprise monitoring/reporting?

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Fri Mar 25 19:32:26 CST 2005

On Friday 25 March 2005 05:43 pm, Thomas Gallaway wrote:
> I would use a combination out of various systems. Lan Solutions has this
> system called InfraKey. They use whatsup by ipswitch and 2 other
> software packages to create a fairly nice system. Funny enough I had a
> presentation from them today at their Virginia Headquarter.

Anyone seen the AlarmManage (etc) products by Proxima Technology (and their 
Centauri engine)?  I've previewed and almost bought into it, but management 
canned due to high cost per node.

Actually, I'm considering strongly rolling my own cross of a PATROL-like 
client and a Centauri-like frontend.  I like parts of each.  I especially 
like the virtual machine concept in PATROL, but I don't like everything that 
BMC is doing... and besides, BMC likes it a little rich.

Using RRDTool, the data collection and management part of it is easy.  The 
virutal machine part may be difficult.


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