[rescue] More sun stuff available

Paul Hortiatis obi at frozenphoenix.net
Thu Mar 24 12:50:19 CST 2005

I also have a lot of SS1(+) and SS5 parts:

Motherboards (no nvram chips for the SS1's that have good battaries and 
some nvram chips for the SS5)
HD brackets for both
HD's for the SS1 (100mb 50pin with cables)
Floppie drives for both
Floppie brackets for both
Powersupplies for both
SCSI cabeling (internal with the little backplane) for the SS5's
SSA HD brackets

I also have a good NVRAM chip from an Ultra2, motherboard was bad (all 
but one ram bank was physicaly broken)

All in upstate NY. I don't mind shiping things since every thing is 
fairly light. All i would ask is a few dolars for the trouble or i'm 
always open to offers of trade, (Ultra Spud Brackets are desperatly needed)

Other wise every thing will be dumbster bound.


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