[rescue] Steve C. needs an old Sun

William Enestvedt wenestvedt at jwu.edu
Thu Mar 24 12:16:16 CST 2005

Steve Christensen of the estimable www.sunfreeware.com needs an old Sun. Can
anyone help?
REQUEST! --- (March 18, 2005) Old 68010-based Sun machine needed For a
special historical project, I am try to get access to an old Sun workstation
running the Motorola 68010 (or 68020/30) processor and SunOS. If you have a
working one I can get a login to, or one you can loan or donate (including a
working monitor, keyboard, etc), please contact me at steve at smc.vnet.net. I
will pay for shipping. Thanks.
   No affiliation, as they say, just another "happy customer" of his site.

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