[rescue] Sun 3/3x Archive?

Michael Doyle gmike at cstone.net
Thu Mar 17 09:48:22 CST 2005

Hi folks,

Anyone know what has happened to Heiko's Sun 3/3x Archive at
http://www.sun3arc.org/ (formerly sun3arc.krupp.net)?  It's still
registered but my browser never gets connected to an HTTP server.
Anyone know of a mirror of it?

On that note, if anyone has (or knows of someone who has) a Sun-3 in a
pizzabox chassis that they're wanting to get rid of, please let me
know. I'd be interested in getting it. And if anyone has, or knows a
source for, a SCSI cable with the really ancient DB50 (3 rows of pins)
at one end and Centronics-50 or HD50 at the other (both male), or
perhaps an adapter (M-DB50 <-> F-Centr50), please drop me a note.

E-Mail: Michael Doyle <gmike at cstone.net>
Date: 17-Mar-05
Time: 10:38:33

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