[rescue] HP Netserver Navigator CDROM

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Mar 16 09:39:26 CST 2005

Anybody know of a place where an image of an HP NetServer Navigator CD can
be had?  The bootable one would be helpful right about now.  Supposed to be
some sort of bios flash utility on there, as well as diagnostics.  Having
no luck whatsoever with the downloadable ones on the HP site.

Stupid card hangs with the infamous Host Adapter at Baseport XXXX not
responding, after loading firmware and then scanning the 3 scsi buses.
Can't get into the ctrl-m utilities, either.  I used the on-firmware
utilities to format and build an array on a recently-rebuilt (from the bits
and pieces that fell out of the box when I shook it, and disk drive spares
from my stock) HP 8-disk box, so I'm pretty sure the card works.

Now the confounded card is giving me a load of garbage, I'm starting to
think I'm S.O.L. with this fancy RAID adapter and I ought to just go back
to software RAID under BSD or Linux.

I got lucky (and sweated a bunch of hours with epoxy and a soldering iron,
repairing the midplane - doing surface-mount components by hand can be just
so much fun....) with the 8-disk box, it's working now even if it looks
like a truck ran over it.***  Guess I shouldn't push my luck.

***(It might have been a truck.  You should have seen the box.  It was
shipped to me at great expense and trouble via United Gorilla Parcel
Service, and they were having a special on dents and dings that day, a
two-fer-one, at least.)

wes will
(No I haven't forgotten to ship you those drives.)

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