[rescue] NetRAID cards, for sale.

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Thu Mar 10 13:57:13 CST 2005

At 11:30 AM 3/10/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, Wes Will wrote:
>> Anyway, I have a couple of RAID cards if anyone would like to make an offer
>> for one:
>> IBM 37L6079, 64-bit PCI 3-Channel Ultra-SCSI RAID Adapter
>Is that the part number or the FRU number?  I can't find too much
>information on that FRU.

Here's everything I know.  It's a ServerRaid 3H, and you find out about it
if you search for the battery module numbers (I put them in below).  IBM
data is here,

Downloads and drivers is here:

FRU/PN is different, but if you go to the photos and compare it to what I
have in my hand, that's the birdie.  80-meg max bus speed and all.

The main board is a 64-bit 5-volt PCI card, marked with the SCSI
diamond-and-arrow as LVD/SE.
There are two external SCSI connectors, mini-Centronics, marked as B0 and
C1.  Internal is a 68-pin D, labelled as socket A2.

FRU: 01K7396  11S37L6079Z1J21R03M0E6 003

That's everything on the main board barcode which is located on the
expansion board riser.

The 32-meg cache and backup battery board connected to that riser has

11S21H8979YL1510081451 CA04N5088 012
(search IBM for 21H8979 and you'll get to the web site I gave above)

The Flash chip sticker on the top (u10) has
20L2814 7000 copyright IBM 1999 C2000M 9227

The Flash chip sticker on the reverse (u20) has
20L2829  113D  copyright IBM 1999 C2700M 9677

The main RISC processor chip is a PowerPC 403GCX, carrying the full numbers
of 403GCX-3JC80C2, 20L7544

Two LSI SymBIOS 53C895's for main I/O 

The circuit board bare assembly is 28L0995 (LYR10 and LYR8)

One SIMM socket, 72-pin, empty.

This thing is probably one of their two-thousand-dollar models, easily.
Came out of a Netfinity 3xxx or 5xxx server, I think.  If I had a socket to
put it in, it would be undoubtedly the RAID board of choice for my system,
but the SGI motherboard I have is 3.3 volt only for the 64-bit slots.

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