[rescue] NetRAID cards, for sale.

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Thu Mar 10 08:58:53 CST 2005

Looks like I'm not getting a RAID array up any time soon, despite the
literal piles of RAID hardware boxen in my digs, so I'm going to try to
move a few bits, this time for a profit so I can afford some repair parts.
(Anybody got a HP netserver 8 internal connector backplane laying around?
thus far all repairs seem to be failing on the busted one I would up with.)

Anyway, I have a couple of RAID cards if anyone would like to make an offer
for one:

IBM 37L6079, 64-bit PCI 3-Channel Ultra-SCSI RAID Adapter

Two external, one internal channel.  It has the battery backup option
installed.  It's a 5-volt board, there is no front notch, 64-bit card (long
PCI connector).  WAS TOLD (I didn't see it myself) by a fairly well-trusted
person that the BIOS came up when it was inserted into a motherboard with
the correct voltage slot.  Over and above that, I have no idea if it works
but it is quite likely.  Will refund if it doesn't, of course, but be sure
you have the motherboard for this beforehand, most boards won't have a slot
to fit this, wrong bus voltage.

DPT 0270-002-A   PCI. One internal, one external channel, with the memory
daughterboard, fully populated.  It is the rev. A board, there's one wire
"trace" on the board.  Was working last night when I plugged it into a
motherboard.  BIOS came up during boot, showed all good for internal

Contact me off-list if you want either of these.

wes will
wwill at siu.edu

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