[rescue] FS: Stuff

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Wed Mar 9 15:01:23 CST 2005

I've got a few things up for grabs.  I accept paypal (to a different 
email address) or a check; paypal preferred.  Shipping not included in 
prices below, pickup works too, from West Lafayette, IN 47906.

* 2 x 3com SuperStack II 24 port 10BaseT hubs $5 for both
 They're in the garbage now, so you have to tell me before Monday.

* 2 x Sparc 20 chassis.  One has an SM51 the other has no CPUs,
 I've got some 16MB DIMMs I can shove 2 or so in each chassis
 if desired.  $5 each

That's all for now, more will probably be coming later.

Purdue University ITAP/RCS        ---  http://www.itap.purdue.edu/rcs/
The Computer Refuge               ---  http://computer-refuge.org

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