[rescue] OT: Network Blinkenlights

tlightly at adelphia.net tlightly at adelphia.net
Wed Mar 9 08:27:38 CST 2005

>I have a pallet-load of mixed 10 and 10/100 hubs and switches with
>varying numbers of ports that I'm dribbling out onto eBay. There's
>also some bits of X.25 gear and some items that look like telco line
>drivers but otherwise defy identification. The most useful is the 24
>port rackmount (2U, I think) 10/100 switches of which I've got about
>20 left.
I don't suppose that among the x.25 stuff there is anything with
Pircturtel or Radvision written on it? I have been looking for a unit
called a picturetel 210 for quite some time. It would have two x.25
connectors and one ethernet port.

Carl Leaman

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