[rescue] OT: Network Blinkenlights

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Wed Mar 9 07:21:22 CST 2005

Shirker <shirker at mooli.org.uk> wrote:
> Which Dlink pieces of kit have the "proper" kind of LEDs? I'm trying
> to compile a list of "network kit it'd be good to buy on ePay when
> it gets stupidly cheap"...

I have a pallet-load of mixed 10 and 10/100 hubs and switches with
varying numbers of ports that I'm dribbling out onto eBay. There's
also some bits of X.25 gear and some items that look like telco line
drivers but otherwise defy identification. The most useful is the 24
port rackmount (2U, I think) 10/100 switches of which I've got about
20 left.

If you are interested, how many of what do you want, and how much do
you want to pay? I'm getting about #15-20 each for the 10/100
switches, but if you feel like turning up and filling your car boot
with a load I'll give a discount that'll make it worth your while.

Offer open to anybody else who is prepared to collect from Studley
during business hours.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the explosives around that little ball
of Pu239.
					-- Mike Andrews in The Other Place

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