[rescue] Free! Free as free as it can be!

Atom rescue at port11.net
Tue Mar 8 09:46:32 CST 2005

Have a pile of hardware next to me that's going to be recycle this week.
So if there are any takers speak up now or Thursday they will be gone.

Dell Poweredge 2200 (dual cpu), DLT 15/30gb, case in "okay" condition
(had to make the DLT drive fit).
Dell PowerEdge 2200 (single cpu) (unknown specs)
Both servers do have harddrives and are ready to go.

Digital Venturls GL 6200 (Dual PPRO) (unknown specs, but I have 2 p2-333
overdrive cpu's and 1mb cache ppro's

HP FC/AL to Diff Scsi Converter Box (2u rackmount with LCD display)

2 APC UPS's with unknown condition. Probably need new battery's. Both at
least 650's.

Cisco AS5200 with one modem board built in

Complete EMC software kit (3-4 boxes)

Everything located in Alexandria, VA 22304. Local pickup very preferred.
Shipping would be an option but I want to keep this as stress free as
possible. Honestly I rather bring them to recycling than having to wait
for people to respond back to me on how they are going to get the units
or have them shipped. They need to be gone by thursday.

-- Thomas

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