[rescue] Free SS1000 for Boston-area pickup, needs new fan/sensor

Steven M Jones smj0501 at crash.com
Mon Mar 7 17:50:36 CST 2005

Free to a good home: Sun SPARCserver 1000 (not E) with one disk
tray and one processor board. Includes two SM51 50MHz SuperSPARC
CPUs I believe, 96MB of RAM (one bad DIMM in last bank), and 4 x
500MB SCA drives in "spud" brackets in the disk tray. PROM monitor
reports a fan failure, though there are several working - might
just be the sensor or cable, but Solaris 7 wouldn't load as long
as this failure is being sensed.

Chassis/case itself is in decent shape, some sticker residue,
and it's heavy. I'll consider delivering it if you're 15 minutes
away from Arlington, MA, but otherwise you'll need to pick this
thing up or pay for the UPS Store to pack it - I'm not packing it
for shipping. And of course you'd then have to pay shipping.

First come, first serve... I'd fix it, but I needed a 1000E not
a plain 1000, and I'm moving to California in a couple weeks...

Thanks for the bandwidth,

smj (a) crash (d) com

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