[rescue] Blink codes

Ryan Thoryk ryan at tliquest.net
Mon Mar 7 14:53:05 CST 2005

Does anyone here have access to Toshiba laptop diagnostic manuals?  I've
got a dead Toshiba motherboard here (from a Satellite Pro 4600) and it's
giving a blink code - I need to figure out what the code corresponds to,
but Toshiba pulled their manuals a while back and only sell them for big
bucks to certain places.
I called a local repair shop but they want $65 for simple diagnostics, but
I'd rather check the thing myself.  The power light blinks in 41 hex
(that's if short blinks translate to zeroes and long blinks ones; it's
I'll keep looking for the info, but if anyone has access to the docs,
please look this up :)

Btw I've installed Solaris 10 on my Ultra 2, and so far it's great :)

Ryan Thoryk
Unix and Network Specialist
ryan at tliquest.net

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