[rescue] Sun VME bits for sale

jwb-tech at picarefy.com jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Mon Mar 7 12:35:55 CST 2005

   + Clearpoint SNX2RAM/16 board. This is a 9U VME board with 16 megabytes
     of 100ns parity RAM on it in the form of soldered 1Mx1 DIPs, plus a lot
     of other stuff. It has more lights than any of Sun's fancy ECC boards,
     plus it has a norm/diag switch, a DE9F port, and a reset button. I
     have no idea what models it might work with, or whether it even
     works. The plain parity RAM suggests 3/1xx, but the few Google hits
     for SNX2RAM suggest that they were found in 4/2xx machines. It's
     yours for the cost of shipping.

   + two 501-1217 "Sun-3" SCSI boards. External DD50 connector, no P2
     connection. Condition unknown but they look OK. $5 each plus

   + a Sun 511 shoebox with two Micropolis 1558 drives and an Emulex
     MD21. Heavy! (41 pounds) Yours for the cost of shipping. Last known
     working but that was a while ago now.

I'll be glad to answer any questions. If you want anything, let me know
and I'll give you a shipping quote. At that point, you have five days to
pay (paypal) or make arrangements (check or money order), or it goes to
the next person in line. I hate to be a hardass, but I've had way too
many transactions (including the last two I tried to set up via this
list) require weeks of reminders or simply vaporize entirely at that
point. I'm trying to get stuff out of my apartment so I can walk around
without tripping, and do it without just throwing stuff in the trash,
but if it sits for weeks waiting for an unresponsive buyer, that's not
really helping.


--James B.

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