[rescue] Re: rescue Digest, Vol 28, Issue 10

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Sun Mar 6 18:58:31 CST 2005

On Mar 6, 2005, at 6:14 PM, Mike Nicewonger wrote:

>>> Geeez Steve. Don't want the mini! I have a solution. Send it to:
>>> 409 Laurel Ave.
>>> Laurel, MD 20707
>>> ;)
>> Nice try, Mike :-)
> Well I -had- to try!
>> It took me 3 years to figure I'd outgrown my 450Mhz G4 Cube, so I 
>> wouldn't
>> hold my breath. But hey, what have you got to trade? <grin>
> Those are cool. I just bought a G4/450 Sawtooth. It will be ginned up 
> with a Gig of memory, 64MB Radeon 9000 Pro, ATTO UW2 SCSI card and 
> 74GB drive RSN. After I get some extra scratch it will get a 1GHz 
> accelerator.

Check this article first:


They don't recommend the 9000.  If I had an AGP card slot I'd probably 
get something brand new like a Radeon 9800 (does 2X and 4X) ... i.e. 
the newest and best AGP graphics available.  They make a 9xxx series 
for PCI now and it's simply worse than my original Radeon Mac Edition 
in my Blue and White...  The article above recommends the GeForce 3.


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