[rescue] 36G SCA drives still looking

erie erie at shelbyvilledesign.com
Fri Mar 4 10:41:06 CST 2005

The only thing that worries me about SATA drives is that the hda is 
(quoting a friend of mine that works for a HD mfr) "identical to the 
ones used in our IDE line"..
anyone notice how long ata drives last these days? I've got 10+year old 
st-506 drives on the shelf that will fire up still, a few of them after 
4+ years of 24/7 operation.
I have a bunch of SCSI drives in an array on a proliant 6000 that ran 
24/7 for 2+ years before I got them over 2 years ago, anyone know of an 
IDE drive that will?

reliability is suspect, and until I see some real world numbers (not 
MTBF #'s, I worked at DEC when we rolled out our 5 1/4" drives, I know 
how MTBF is calculated..)


Joshua Boyd wrote:

>On Fri, Mar 04, 2005 at 02:28:50AM -0500, Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
>>What about the 50GB 1.6inch SCA drives at www.softwareandstuff.com?
>>About $40 each.  
>>So you pay $60 for 80GB SATA vs. $80 for 100GB SCSI (used vs. new
>Well, I wouldn't really call it $80 for 100GB since he sounds like he
>needs reliability, so it would be more like $120 for 80 versus $148
>(actual price plus attempt to factor in the part of shipping to cover
>more than two drives) for 100 gb.  Plus, an array to hold it since PCs
>with two internal disks aren't uncommon, but space for 4 seem less
>However, if he had a hardware RAID controller that did RAID5 well, the
>SCSI price would be more like $111 for 100gb for only 3 disks.  Assuming
>he has a good hardware raid controller already.  Though, buying one for
>linux may be pretty cheap.
>Anyway, I would write SCSI off.  Still, SATA is extremely appealing.
>Especially for the space consience.  I'm thinking long and hard of
>SATA for my next file server.  If only I could figure out what the
>optimal machine to stick it in would be.  I'm tempted by a U30 and
>NetBSD/SPARC64.  That machine looks like it should be able to keep up
>with a SATA mirror and GigE (I don't have any GigE yet, but I figure I
>should plan ahead since if nothing else it would be easy to also slap a
>GigE card in the Mac).

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