[rescue] Jedi Mind Tricks and 20-drive RAID antiques

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Mar 4 09:13:59 CST 2005

>This is not the fan you're looking for.  Move along.

Ah!  He attempts an old Jedi Mind Trick (TM)!  But I am immune!  Hah!  So

Now, where's my light sabre?  Anybody seen this 'droid?  This one, the one
in the picture on the back of this oil can?

Back on topic, and it even has fans.

Does anyone in or out of their right mind need a 20-bay vintage RAID box or
two?  It would be free for pickup in southern Illinois, unless you wish to
pay unghodly shipping rates - they are about 40+ kilos each, or a bunch of
small boxes and one fairly large box, if broken down into components.

I think I have one with a full complement of drive carriers, and the other
one is missing just a couple of sleds.  Might have some 1 or 2 gig 50-pin
drives in them in unknown condition.

Both have the logic boards, battery backup rack (battery condition
unknown), and the filter/fan rack - all fans were running last time I
checked; plus a full set of power supplies (three each, IIRC).

Model number, don't have it on me, but if this old stuff sounds like
anything that you might use, I'll get specifics and get back to you.

Or they would make good anchors for the QE-II.  I hate to see them go to
the dump but I have to clean out that basement area this spring.  Can't get
to the other server rack any more, too much clutter.

wes will

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