[rescue] Wazzit worth? Rare Sparc 10-SX

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Thu Mar 3 19:10:18 CST 2005

Ahh, kinda like this....


I haven't installed mine yet ;-)

Now that I think about it, I think my SS5 170 has a full size CD-Rom. I  
will have to check.


On 3-Mar-05, at 6:37 PM, Sandwich Maker wrote:

> " From: Shawn Wallbridge <shawn at synack-hosting.com>
> "
> " On 3-Mar-05, at 4:53 PM, Sandwich Maker wrote:
> "
> " > a couple of years ago i would have salivated heavily over this.  i
> " > wanted one set up just about that way...  but now i've got my  
> ultra 20
> " > it's just, well...
> "
> " Ultra 20?
> formally, 'sparcengine ultra 20', made by sme to replace the
> sparcengine 5 and/or 20 in industrial embedded apps.  those were the
> bare motherboards from the ss5 and ss20, and the ultra 20 is the same
> size; it even uses a modified sparc-20 rear panel.  i have mine in a
> sparc-4 server chassis.
> it's a bit of an orphan; appears to be a u1e chipset but the cpu
> [300MHz] is socketed u2-style and uname -i says it's an ultra-2 too.
> i'd like to update the obp from 3.7.8, but a few years ago i read -
> perhaps on this list - of someone who tried a u2 image and turned his
> u20 into a paperweight.  maybe he just missed something - but he had a
> 400MHz cpu, which isn't mentioned in the two docs i found, the only
> things mentioning 'ultra 20' on sun's entire website.  and the system
> manual was marked 'preliminary'!
> afaict there is absolutely no support for this creature on sunsolve or
> docs, nothing whatsoever.  i'd like to be proven wrong...
> i'm still looking for a few things - a late-model aurora chassis, the
> one that takes a full-size cdrom; the little 3rd-fan kit that blows on
> the hd area; a ss5 cd-to-motherboard digital audio cable.  and of
> course i'd like to trade my 32M dimms for 128M ones...
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