[rescue] Wazzit worth? Rare Sparc 10-SX

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Thu Mar 3 16:53:34 CST 2005

" From: "Mike Nicewonger" <twmaster at twmaster.com>
" I have been looking over my collection of computers lately and have come to
" the conclusion that most of this stuff is in the way.
" One piece I have is a very rare SparcStation 10-SX. It's well loaded, 8MB
" VSIMM, dual SM-71's etc lots of memory... Super clean also.
" I am curious what this thing is worth these days as I got away from the
" hardware business years ago and have not seen one of these in a long time on
" FeeBay.
" So any ideas?

a couple of years ago i would have salivated heavily over this.  i
wanted one set up just about that way...  but now i've got my ultra 20
it's just, well...
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