[rescue] Solaris 10 x86 hardware support

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Mar 2 23:20:09 CST 2005

Anyone else here looking at Solaris 10 for x86 ?

I haven't run Solaris x86 newer than Solaris 8 x86.

What gives with the HCL ?

Sun used to have a nice HCL.  An HCL you could have confidence
in .... the one everywhere on there site seems to link to know
is one that people submit to and seems to cover multiple
versions ????

What gives ?  Don't they have an official list of supported
hardware, controllers, etc  like they used to  ???  or are you
just supposed to try it and if it works be happy ?

Went to install it on a Proliant 1600... looks like they
removed support for the Smart2 array controller in Solaris 10.

Found a list of things removed... they also removed support
for AMI MegaRAID and Mylex RAID controllers.

Looks like I'll be going software RAID... ??? Don't know if
any hardware SCSI RAID controllers are supported for the PCI
bus on Solaris 10.... and can't seem to figure out how to
find a list of ones that are (if any).

I'm pretty miffed about the lack of a good HCL...  hopefully
I'm just missing it... but if I am... they've made the 'real
HCL' hard to find (maybe you have to buy the OS in order to
get the HCL ! :-) ).

Also... initial boot/install seems awefully slow (on a dual
P3 500 ! WTF ?) at least until the point where you get to
start picking timezone, options, and then theoretically 
disks (which it can't find because they ripped out support
for the RAID controller).

I tried loading the Solaris 8 driver update disk from compaq
but it fails to load the driver because it can't find a
symbol (regarding EISA I'm guessing because of the symbol's
name... which leads me to think the EISA support has been
pulled possibly from 10 as well ? Not that I have any EISA
systems to run 10 on anyway).

Looking for experiences, and pointers to a 'real HCL' (if
one exists), and recommendations on (affordable) PCI
SCSI RAID controller that will work with Solaris 10 x86.
(Or should I just give up and use the 10 equiv of DiskSuite?)

-- Curt

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