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Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Mar 1 07:56:23 CST 2005

>J932se to Switzerland in a few weeks... It is 12 MTOPS (6.4 GLOPS peak

Does anyone else find the evolution of the computer and associated
technology to be absolutely amazing?  Remember those entire rooms full of
humming, clanking equipment crammed into rooms permeated with the smell of
ozone, which have been functionally superceded by something that will fit
into a thin satchel?

MTOPS and GLOPS, having to invent new words to describe just how fast
things have gotten, because the old words don't do it any more?

When do you think the first mention of a "femtosecond" will occur in
conjunction with consumer-class computing hardware?  Or "petabytes" of
storage for game-playing devices?

Absolutely astounding.
Wes Will
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Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
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