[rescue] Looking : Sgi/Sun stuff

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 08:33:51 CDT 2005

Wes Will wrote:
> At 08:53 AM 6/29/2005 -0400, you wrote:

>>I think the non-square/flat look might be lense distortion.  Either that
>>or that was a really strange display.
>>Joshua D. Boyd

There is something amiss with the display. I have heard of a couple 
people sending them back for the same reason.

> Humour us all here.  Do your eyes a favour, too, and help keep that
> exceptional visual acuity for a few years longer.  Scoot back a little in
> your chair, get a little space betwixt the pixels and the pixellated, and
> see if you can still function.

Yeah, I give up for now. I'm going to try a different video card and I 
ordered an HP L2035. I saw one in store and it looked gorgeous, so I 
have my fingers crossed. Plus now it will match the cpu, for all it 

Funny thing: I'm seeing less and less of the problem I've described with 
this monitor everyday I'm using it. Oh well, guess I'm getting used to 
it. It's actually starting to look halfway decent now.

Sorry if I've exasperated anybody with my neuroticism.

Thanks to all,


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