[rescue] Sun crushes the used Sun market

Patrick Giagnocavo 717-201-3366 patrick at zill.net
Tue Jun 28 10:46:54 CDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 10:29, Joshua Boyd wrote:
> Personally, I'd still find the V100 pretty appealing.  I really wish
> that Sun would keep up the lower end SPARC chips, but the appear to be
> trying to transition to Opteron.  I know they haven't said that, but if
> all their low end high volume machines are Opterons, how long will they
> be able to afford to make lower volume SPARCs?

Good question... they can't do the volumes needed if they just stay on the high-end... look what happened to SGI.

I would be happy to have a 1U USIII running at say 1GHz that could take 4-8GB of RAM.


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