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Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Jun 28 10:44:17 CDT 2005

At 10:56 AM 6/28/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>Someone wrote, and shouldn't have:
>> In my personal opinion you are far too picky...
>I don't think so.  Come on people, how many of you can see the 

>And finally, I do not see how I am too picky as many have suggested, if 
>I do not have the problem with my *8 year old* SGI 1600SW. Come on, LCD 
>understand how you people don't see it. I'm almost willing to loan my 
>SGI out at this point.

Gently sir.  Gently.  I purposely phrased what I sent as I did so as not to
denigrate you.  All I said was that the problem you are experiencing is
going to be temporary, in many ways.  You are exceptional in your acuity of
vision, but that will not last, sad to say.  Father Time will have his say.

Also, on the positive side technology will advance and better masks (the
organic LCD stuff already mentioned in particular sounds like the next step
up, allowing for the tradeoffs in longevity) will make a screen available
for you soon that meets your needs, likely exceeds them.  I expect two to
four years and the problem will be completely non sequitur.  Hang on,
grasshopper.  Waiting is.  Grok in fullness.

No, I can no longer see the difference between .31 and .28 dot pitch.  It's
all fuzzy, and it all blurs together.  I can barely see the difference any
more between Gackard-Hell crapola monitors at .39 mm and a decent .28
device.  My eyes no longer hold the resolution to the extremes they used
to.  (I have had 20/15 vision, uncorrected, since I was quite young, though
I now must use spectacles, the accursed things, for most work.  They are
recently acquired items, and I detest their necessity.  I am getting old.
Yea, verily, this inhaleth deeply.)

Your particular application justifies the requirements for extremes of
clarity, of this there is no doubt.  Compositing and artwork require it,
for press and layout especially.

And just for grins, I don't need to borrow your 1600SW.  I have access to a
1600SW and you are correct in your assessment, it is by far the nicest
monitor of its sort that there is; far superior to the Dell Ultrasharp LCD
I'm currently using, though much limited by other things.  (That $300+
breakout box to allow it to be used on non-SGI machines is an untenable
expense, for me.)

wes will

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