[rescue] Looking : Sgi/Sun stuff

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 09:56:35 CDT 2005

Andrew Weiss wrote:

> In my personal opinion you are far too picky...

I don't think so.  Come on people, how many of you can see the 
difference between a .31mm dot pitch invar shadow mask monitor and a 
.22mm Sony GDM-F520? I believe, most if not all of you. It is the same 
difference here. .264mm pixels are *visible*and *large*. From a foot 
away, the entire screen has a dotted, stippled effect on any gradients. 
This is *not* my imagination.

> BTW I can only see said screen door effect when holding my nose  
> within 6 inches of my LCD.  The LCD(Sony) I recommended may have  
> larger pixels or such but I can't tell because of several reasons.
> The contrast is really one of the highest
> The brightness is so bright that I feel comfortable working on it  
> from 2ft away or more

Well what are you doing with it? Whats your app? The Viewsonic is 
perfect for web work and web browsing and word processing and the like, 
but when I try to do color corrections and compositing on it, the pixels 
are right there in my face.

> I use it on a Mac with DVI... on the mac more so than the one on my  
> girlfriend's Win2K3 box I don't see any pixels at all...
> Andrew

And finally, I do not see how I am too picky as many have suggested, if 
I do not have the problem with my *8 year old* SGI 1600SW. Come on, LCD 
technology should have improved somewhere along the last 8 years. But 
the SGI wins hands down with .230mm dot pitch across the entire screen. 
I just think most of you are used to subpar screens and have never used 
something without pixelation. Try a 1600SW or a VP2290B and then go back 
to your .294mm flatscreen.

On a side note, I went to the store yesterday and looked at a couple 
.294mm flatscreens. The problem is really much worse than my Viewsonic. 
There is now a .064 difference in pitch between my reference SGI and 
your screens, or what, 127% bigger pixels? Plainly noticeable. I don't 
understand how you people don't see it. I'm almost willing to loan my 
SGI out at this point.

I did look at the Apple Cinemas, and they were liveable. So maybe I will 
get the LG version (same panel) of the Apple 23.

-- Aaron

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