[rescue] Looking : Sgi/Sun stuff

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Tue Jun 28 00:43:22 CDT 2005

On Jun 26, 2005, at 10:54 PM, Aaron Finley wrote:
> If you look closely at the screen, you can see the individual pixels,
> and the space between them. The space between them is not  
> illuminated so
> there is a thin black border surrounding every pixel. Now that is
> extremely thin, but the effect is that of a "screen door".
> In general, the lower the dot pitch, the less you are going to see the
> screen door effect. The Viewsonic I ditched after 4 days has a  
> pitch of
> .264mm. The SGI I was trying to replace it with had a dot pitch of
> .230mm. The difference for a perfectionist like myself is HUGE. Greys
> and other shaded areas come up as "stippled" with the Viewsonic.

In my personal opinion you are far too picky...

BTW I can only see said screen door effect when holding my nose  
within 6 inches of my LCD.  The LCD(Sony) I recommended may have  
larger pixels or such but I can't tell because of several reasons.

The contrast is really one of the highest
The brightness is so bright that I feel comfortable working on it  
from 2ft away or more
I use it on a Mac with DVI... on the mac more so than the one on my  
girlfriend's Win2K3 box I don't see any pixels at all...


-- Bill Bradford joking about what to do with Cyclequads

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