[rescue] Scotty's advice to Geordi (was Re: Follow-Up : Changing IP address in Solaris 10)

Mike Parson mparson at bl.org
Mon Jun 27 14:36:28 CDT 2005

On Mon, Jun 27, 2005 at 02:23:46PM -0500, Mike Hebel wrote:
> Someone generated the quantum flux that came across as... Mike Parson


>> There were other examples, but mostly, I try and surpress memories from
>> that job.
> That's just fsktardish.  Keeping from working yourself out of a job is one
> thing - breaking things so you have something to fix is quite another. 
> Why bother to fixe them then?
> It's guys like that that give I/T guys a bad rep. B-(

Made me sick.

What really annoyed me was how much of a guru this guy was touted as
being.  They all thought was top stuff and no one would be able to
replace him.

Michael Parson
mparson at bl.org

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