[rescue] Scotty's advice to Geordi (was Re: Follow-Up : Changing IP address in Solaris 10)

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Mon Jun 27 14:23:46 CDT 2005

Someone generated the quantum flux that came across as... Mike Parson
>>> Scotty told Geordi to pad his repair estimate times so when the
>>> device-that-goes-phht-this-week came on line in time for the big
>>> finish, he'd look like a good engineer.
>> Actually it was padding his repair estimates by a factor of four.
>> "How else do you think I keep my reputation as a miracle worker".
> Right, and I'm fine with that.  This guy wasn't doing that.
> First example I can think of:
> He had a cron job that ran once a minute on a box to check that the
> locally attached RAID was mounted.  If it wasn't, shut the box down
> into single-user mode.
> NO ONE knew why.
> It wasn't documented other than a single email he sent once saying it
> was to 'prevent corruption.'
> Of what?
> Long discussion with the developers of the software that ran on that
> box, no good reason could be given.
> Don't remember why, but for some reason, I needed the box online, w/o
> the raid mounted.  After about 20 minutes of fighting with it, I found
> the cron job that was killing me.
> There were other examples, but mostly, I try and surpress memories from
> that job.

That's just fsktardish.  Keeping from working yourself out of a job is one
thing - breaking things so you have something to fix is quite another. 
Why bother to fixe them then?

It's guys like that that give I/T guys a bad rep. B-(

Mike Hebel
"Without balance and consistent growth the only option is to degrade. 
There is no other solution." - Anonymous

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