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Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Mon Jun 27 12:45:52 CDT 2005

I wrote:
> > The disadvantage is the red and green leds loose half their intensity in
> > about 10,00 hours, the blue about 3,000. This means that they will
> > probably have user replaceable screens.

Phile wrote: 
> But at that price.....

That's my point. Some day you will see movie theaters with active screens.
Once a year they will have to be replaced. I expect they will come on a big
roll, where the installers roll up the old one, roll down the new one,
tack it in a few places and connect the interface.

Back when I thought I was going to build a handheld gaming device,
we priced 1/4 VGA LCDs. In quantities over 1 million, they were about
$40 for a STN (passive display). By the begining of this year, TFT displays
were that low, and the estimates for 800x600 OLEDs were about $5 in
that quantity. 


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