[rescue] Looking : Sgi/Sun stuff

Aaron Finley aaronfinley at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 17:45:20 CDT 2005

 > What can you afford?

I'm looking to spend up to $1500. Was hoping for two screens. But I may 
try to find one used Viewsonic VP2290B.

 > At the top of the range are the Apple screens...

I do not find the Apple's quality particulary acceptable. The screen 
door effect is visible and it bothers me.

I did see a Viewsonic VP2290B with great picture quality but that is out 
of range.

 > then a little below that is what I just bought 2 of.
 > Sony SDM-HS95P/S
 > My girlfriend and I bought a pair of them:
 > http://www.unbeatable.co.uk/CatalogueItem_25787.html (this is the P/B
 > B for black, S for silver)

No way, bigger pixels than the Viewsonic .294mm versus .264mm.

 > Somewhat pricey... I got them for $664 each at CompUSA who had them
 > for $699 but they price matched Best Buy.
 > They came with a $100 rebate each so I got them for $564 @.

I'm going to try the HP L2035 with .255 pixels and see if it bothers me.

I'm coming from the SGI with .230 pixels, and I can't see them, so I've 
got my fingers crossed. .264mm pixels are very visible to me, however. I 
can't imagine doing compositing on the Viewsonic, with .264mm, because I 
can see such a "stippled" effect on all the graphics.


Aaron Finley

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