[rescue] Memory, some cheap some free!

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Sun Jun 26 12:31:40 CDT 2005

Hi All.

I have in today's clean out pile some memory:

64MB PC-66 SODIMM low profile works in many Macs, laptops and others. 
This for sure fits the lower slot in a Lombard $15.00

4 x 32 MB for Ultra 5/10 $5.00


8 x 4 MB for HP 9000/300 and 400 series. Pulled from a 9000/425

1 Sun 501-1822 16 MB 72 pin SIMM for ELC/IPX etc

2 PNY 32 MB 72 pin SIMMS I think they are EDO non-parity gold lead.

Take any or all of the above, just add postage.

Mike N

Nooooobody expects the Spammer's Imposition!

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