[rescue] Looking : Sgi/Sun stuff

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sun Jun 26 11:31:05 CDT 2005

" From: Michael Schiller <schiller at agrijag.com>
" If you want a bunch of old Sun stuff, and want to come to Tennessee, I 
" have a storage unit full of stuff! Anyone else on this list is also 
" invited to come take what they want (more or less) from the stuff. Here 
" are some pics:
" http://www.agrijag.com/Images/Storage/
" I really need to get rid of this stuff, and I hate the idea of throwing 
" it out, but if I have to, I will.


i sure wish i could get down there, but -- is anyone else from the
snh/nema area thinking of going?  i have a little list...
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