[rescue] FS/FT: SS10

Phil Brutsche phil at tux.obix.com
Sat Jun 25 17:07:03 CDT 2005

Since it seems no one wants to pay for a bare SS10 any more I'm reducing
this to free for the price of shipping..

Phil Brutsche wrote:
> Continuing the cleanup...
> 1 SPARCstation 10. No drives and memory, but it will boot if they are
>   present. Worked fine last winter. I think it has the slow-a$$ 36MHz
>   mbus module.
> Like before, make me an offer. Buyer pays shipping from 68137 (Omaha,
> Nebraska), you are certainly welcome to come pick it up. Trades welcome.


Phil Brutsche
phil at tux.obix.com

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