[rescue] Looking : Sgi/Sun stuff

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Sat Jun 25 09:12:13 CDT 2005

Fri, 24 Jun 2005 @ 22:23 -0500, Bill Bradford said:

> I finally got rid of my last CRT (at work; I got rid of all my CRTs at 
> home when I moved six months ago).  When Dell 17" ES173FP flat panels
> are $225 or less, it's hard not to..

Well, there are still problems with flat panels:

    - they look like absolute crap at anything other than native
    - even the fast ones are still slower than a CRT
    - to get one with the same color quality and resolution as
      my CRT, I have to pay a bit over $700
    - damage to pixels is glaringly obvious
    - most flat panel screens are plastic, and thus fragile and harder
      to clean (Princeton makes some with glass)
    - they look like crap when viewed indirectly

I could probably put up with a lot of those negatives, but not at
current prices.

The prices are falling rapidly, so hopefully they'll match my needs
before my CRT finishes dying.

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